Frequently Asked Questions

Why WAC?

1-How is the WHS athletic department funded?
The WHS athletic department receives minimal district funding. District allocations are limited to general transportation costs and coaching salaries.  The three primary sources of funds for the athletic department are:  spectator fees ($64,000), activity passes ($11,000), and WAC ($59,000) donations.*

2-My son/daughter fundraise for their sport – why should I contribute to WAC?
We understand.  Our kids are student athletes, too.  There are two reasons for team fundraising.  First, there are some expenditures that the athletic department is legally not allowed to make (like food purchases) and other expenditures that are considered outside of the basic needs (like charter buses and personalized uniforms).  Second, the tremendous costs for 22 sports programs exceeds the funding available to the athletic department.  Boosting WAC donations to the athletic department’s bottom line will lead to less fundraising needed by individual teams.  Like many activities at Washington High School, the athletic department strives to give all student athletes the best opportunities for a positive high school experience.  Please help support your student athlete and all their athlete friends with a donation that supports ALL WHS sports programs.

3-How is the money contributed by WAC to the WHS athletic department allocated to WHS sports programs?
The 22 sports programs are encouraged to submit funding requests to the WHS athletic department. The Activities Director budgets for operations costs and capital expenditures. Since the funds from WAC are used for both short and long term needs for all programs, there needs to be transparent, unbiased allocations, over a period of time. The athletic department oversees the allocation of funds and WAC does not earmark individual contributions for specific programs.

4-What are some examples of  team expenses  covered by the athletic department?
Big expenses include all officials ($48,000), team entry fees ($11,000) and state competitions ($8,000).*

5-How are funding requests handled?
Every attempt is made to provide some level of funding for all eligible requests, even if the entire amount is not available. Sometimes funding for a program may be shared with another program or included in a joint request.   Coaches are reminded to submit their request and to encourage their team supporters to do their part to boost the funds and/or volunteer time for the betterment of the athletic program as a whole.

6-How does WAC raise money?
In addition to our membership/sponsorship donations, WAC raises money through hosting basketball and volleyball tournaments, selling concessions, Warrior merchandise and advertising in programs, and our annual WAC golf outing fundraiser.

7-How much money has WAC raised?
Our contribution to the WHS athletic department for 2019-2020 school year was approximately $62,000 and this is down from $85,000 5-6 years ago.  We need to boost our contribution to help support the 2020-2021 athletic department’s estimated budget of $160,000.

8-How do I volunteer?
Get involved and join WAC and attend our meetings. If you can’t attend our meetings, check out our website for dates of WAC events and volunteer opportunities. We welcome your help!

9-How do I find out about membership/sponsorship/buy an advertisement in the athletic programs
We would love to have your support. Please contact us at or check out our membership/sponsorship opportunities on .

10-Where can I get Warrior merchandise?
We will sell merchandise at Kingston stadium during home football games. We will also be at WAC events – WAC Welcome Back Night, Homecoming Bonfire, and holiday dates to be determined. See for more information including arranging to visit school store.
*based on 2017-2018 school year